I sneaked a cow picture in amongst the runners because this one cow kept trying to stare me out and so I photographed her whilst waiting for the next runners to come by.

Somebody noticed and requested an option for a canvas of her so I have provided this option, as well as framing and the usual digital download (including a commercial use option) in the buying options.

I also dug out another picture from the day of another cow who ventured a bit closer than her friends. Either that or she's an outcast.

Since these products go via a vendor - in this case One Vision - who print and deliver these products, I have to price these products accordingly. I have met with and selected One Vision as my preferred vendor for printing as their finishing and printing processes are top notch!...as they say in the business.

50% of profits for these two pictures will go back to Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team.
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