Wedding and Event Photographers

We work in a relaxed and informal style to best capture every moment of one of the most important and enjoyable days of your lives. We provide excellent value for money without compromising on quality and will tailor coverage to suit your precise needs. We specialise in natural reportage and all traditional shots are captured too. 

We are based in Yorkshire but will consider any type of wedding or event, home or abroad.

Because weddings are awesome.

A bespoke package of the day's events to suit your needs

Each wedding is exceptional and individual in many ways and different people have different priorities, all of which we cater to.

Usual aspects of the day which are covered include:

  • arriving at the wedding ceremony venue
  • the ceremony 
  • formal group shots 
  • informal 'reportage' shots 
  • bride and groom location shoot 
  • the reception 
  • the wedding breakfast 
  • cutting the cake
  • evening celebrations

Coverage of pre-wedding morning preparations can also be provided.

We will also meet in advance of the big day, to discuss arrangements and make plans. We're able to help advise on timings and will agree any specific photographs you absolutely must have from the day.

Any unusual requests are actively encouraged! 

Photograph processing

After the wedding day, we will process the photographs as quickly as possible (usually within a month, if not sooner) and provide you with digital copies of the final selection via a weblink so that you can quickly and easily share the memories of your day with as many family and friends as you like. Unlike many photographers, we do not limit the number of photographs we provide to you, nor do we limit the number taken on the day, so you will receive all the best images taken!

We do not offer wedding album services - this is because we do not feel it right to dictate to our clients what type of album they should have, or if you want one at all (increasingly, couples do not). Photographers who offer this service have a partnership with a printers but there are thousands of types of albums out there so we feel it is in your best interest to make that selection yourselves based on what is important to you. If you do need advice on this, we are happy to provide this at no extra cost and of course, if you wish to involve us more fully in the selection, design and execution of an album, we would be happy to discuss this service.

A reliable and friendly photographer

Chris certainly loves a good wedding! His own wedding day was one of the best days of his life. 

He is a friendly, relaxed and reliable guy.  He loves all aspects of the day and getting to know the bride and groom and guests. He ensures all preparation is done for the day in good time so that the day is stress-free, including planning journey times (with plenty of room for delays!), researching all locations and liaising in advance with personnel such as venue management. 

But don't just take our word for it, check out the testimonials page here.

Chris may have an assistant. Feel free to talk with them, feed them treats and pat them on the head. Chris may also have an associate second shooter. They will also shoot photographs, often providing shots only a second camera is capable of making - please enquire about this if interested.


We have two simple packages, the only difference being the amount of time required on the day - everything else is the same (though you're more likely to get more pictures for the all day package):

  • £850  - up to 8 hours of continuous coverage
  • £1150  - all day coverage for where you just have to have me there all day!

Typically we would begin at the ceremony and finish early evening but you may prefer to begin earlier with pre-ceremony preparations. We would usually finish shortly after the evening celebrations get going but we're happy to stick around if you have any late-night plans or guests who are particularly awesome/abysmal/hilarious dancers! 

There are no extra hidden costs and no VAT on top - expenses are included, assuming travel within an hour from York. After that, a minimal surcharge applies, contact us for more details.

In return, you get:

  • Pre-wedding meet and greet - in York in order to get to know each other and discuss details details details (lots of details)
  • Availability via email or to speak to discuss any aspects of the wedding (we've been to a few, plus are married ourselves, so are pretty experienced at this sort of thing)
  • Social media presence within a day or two after the wedding with a small selection of images to share
  • Full high resolution digital downloads of the finalised selection of photographs (between 250 and no upper limit - the average is around 300-400) for you to keep forever, print off as many as you like at no extra cost and share with friends and family
  • Online gallery for viewing, sharing and downloading all images


If you'd like to make an enquiry or discuss anything (with absolutely no obligation), please get in touch via the contact page here. We look forward to nattering with you.


Check out the wedding gallery here to see some examples of our work.